Seir and Seven

Indulgent Non-Alcoholic 7&7 Recipe

The Seven and Seven is a great example of a classic cocktail that has stood the test of time because the two main ingredients in it (whiskey and 7-Up) complement each other so well. Whiskey works particularly well when combined with citrus flavors and added sweetness. 7-Up, with its sweet-yet-tart lemon-and-lime flavor, is the perfect accompaniment to whiskey.

Served over ice and with a lemon garnish, the Seir and Seven is a refreshing drink choice. Perfect for al fresco dining or as a cool choice as a post-dinner highball, seven and sevens are also a fantastic option to enjoy at a bar or alongside a meal out. 

If you want to enjoy the authentic taste of a Seven and Seven, but would prefer an option without the alcohol, swap out the whiskey for Seir Hill’s Mashville. Mashville is a carefully blended fusion of ingredients that provides all the depth of whiskey but is alcohol free. If you want to enjoy the mouthfeel of a good whiskey in a mixed drink, but without the buzz, sugar, or calories, Mashville is a perfect choice for your non-alcoholic Seven and Seven.

Seir Non-alcoholic Seir and Seven Recipe

  • 2oz (1 measure) of Mashville.
  • 4-6 oz 7-Up
  • lemon slice/wedge for a garnish
  • ice

How to Make

  • Add the 7-Up to Mashville over ice, then garnish with the lemon.

Seagrams - More Than a Century of Distilling Expertise

A Seven and Seven in its original form is made with Seagrams 7 Crown whiskey. Seagrams was a Canadian-based distillery that started life as the Waterloo Distillery way back in 1857. 7 Crown allegedly got its name due to the flavor tasting preferences of one of its CEO in the 1930s, Sam Bronfman.

Apparently, it was the Seagrams marketing team that thought of blending the whiskey with 7-Up, all the way back in the 1930s. Back then, 7-Up still contained lithium citrate - a mood-enhancing drug that is still used to treat a variety of mental health problems today. 7-Up was invented in the 1920s as a medicinal drink. 

7-Up - the Tonic That Became a Bestseller

Originally called Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda, how and why the name of 7-Up came about remains a bit of a mystery. Some commentators believe it was because the drink was sold in 7-oz bottles, others because the recipe for 7-Up contained seven ingredients. Whatever the reason, with its distinctive, sweet, lemon-and-lime flavor, 7-Up occupies a distinct niche in the soft drink market. 

Citrus flavors work particularly well with Mashville, providing a sweet yet tart contrast to the distinctive flavor of whisky.

Seven and Seven Variations

The Seven and Seven is a highball variation - a spirit combined with a non-alcoholic mixer. Whilst the Seir and Seven is made using 7-Up, there's no reason why you can't combine Seir Hill Mashville with a wide range of other non-alcoholic mixers. 

Great choices to combine with include cola, lemonade, orange juice, soda water, or ginger ale/ginger beer. 

A Distinguished History

The combination of whiskey with sugar and citrus is a traditional combination that's believed to date back to the days of sailing ships! Sailors on long voyages would frequently suffer from scurvy - an unpleasant, debilitating condition caused by a lack of vitamin C.

Citrus fruits (such as limes, lemons, and oranges) will last for many months if correctly stored. They were found to be a perfect way for sailors to get their vitamin C. Served with a spirit and with added sugar (to improve the taste), this mix was so palatable that what started out as a medicinal remedy swiftly became a much-loved beverage.

Seven and Seven - a Famous Classic

Having been around for nearly a century, the Seven and Seven has enjoyed considerable notoriety. Well-known as a Hollywood drink of choice in the 1970s, it's also featured in several movies. Tony Manero, the character played by John Travolta in the iconic movie Saturday Night Fever, for example, ordered a Seir and Seven twice during the film. Seven and Sevens have also been ordered in movies such as Goodfellas, The Sopranos, and Mean Streets. 

Seir Hill’s Mashville provides a versatile, delicious, non-alcoholic alternative to whiskey. Suitable for substitution in almost any whiskey-based cocktail, Mashville is a sophisticated blend of flavors that creates a wonderfully authentic whiskey taste and texture at the same time as being a zero alcohol option. If you love the complex taste of whiskey, but prefer an alcohol-free tipple, these Seir Hill spirit-based recipes are a fantastic choice.




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