Seir Hill®, makers of America's most preferred non-alcoholic spirts, is seeking qualified investors. We have a sound business plan, dedicated founder, and strategic approach to this booming market.

We are a certified member of Connecticut's Angel Investor Tax Credit program. To encourage individuals to invest in promising startups that need capital to grow, the State of Connecticut has created the Angel Investor Tax Credit Program. Administered through Connecticut Innovations, this program provides qualified investors with a 25% credit against Connecticut’s state income tax when they invest at least $25,000 in qualifying businesses.

Investment / Tax Credit
$25,000 / $6,250
$50,000 / $12,500
$100,000 / $25,000
$250,000 / $62,500
$500,000 / $125,000
$1,000,000 / $250,000


If you're interested in investing in a challenger brand in an exploding space, please contact Brian Miller at or 203 984 1091.