Our Story

On a mission to revolutionize mixed drinks.

Whether you want to be sober for a night, a month, or forever, I get you. There's more to life than getting a buzz – and all the calories that come with it. At Seir Hill we craft non-alcoholic spirits for those of us who don't want to drink for whatever reason but are fed up with the usual sugary or boring alternatives. We are many, and we are growing. And Seir Hill is here for the Revolution.

It all started when I gave up alcohol as part of a healthier lifestyle. After I gave up the booze, I discovered that I had not lost my desire for fine spirits in classic, delicious cocktails — and I was not alone. I tried other non-alcoholic spirits, but none of them hit the mark. Not one of them made a credible version of my favorite cocktail, a classic Old Fashioned. I was disappointed, and ready to do something about it. My mission would be to revolutionize non-alcoholic spirits to create truly delicious tasting, mainstay cocktails for America to enjoy.

I was determined that my new brand celebrate my hometown and its history. So, I founded Seir Hill in a converted barn built in 1744, located in Wilton, CT. Seir Hill itself is a centuries-old farm, and my father, Lester Miller, was a farmer in Connecticut dating back to the 1940s. Every bottle we sell contributes to the American Farmland Trust as our way of saying thank you to America’s farmers, and to my dad. We’re proud to be made in the U.S.A. 

So, we got to work trying hundreds of single-batch recipes. All of them were painstakingly tested to deliver on the aroma, flavor and feel that you would expect from traditional Whiskey, Rum, and Tequila spirits — without the alcohol, or the calories. And once we had three that were good enough for me, I knew they’d be good enough for you.

I invite you to make Seir Hill a part of your cocktail routine. Maybe start your night with a succulent Mai Tai that won’t… tie you down? Or make that second Manhattan without a big apple’s worth of sugar. Because now you can.

Change is here. Not just for guys like me, but for traditional, craft cocktail lovers like you. Now your favorite cocktails can be made to taste delicious and truly authentic—without the alcohol, sugar, or guilt. I hope you’ll elevate your cocktails.

Brian Miller
Founder, Seir Hill