Mashville™ Non-alcoholic Whiskey Alternative

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Winner of the bronze medal in the 2023 LA Spirits Awards

  • Alcohol-free, Calorie free, Gluten free, Allergen free, Vegan
  • Complex smokey, spicy, sweet flavor – authentic warmth and mouthfeel
  • For mixing; Makes delicious whiskey cocktails when blended with your favorite mixers
  • For a healthier lifestyle; it’s an outstanding non-alcoholic whiskey alternative
  • Grab an extra bottle for your whiskey-loving friends! 
  • Mashville

    Mashville™ is a single-batch,hand-crafted whiskey alternative made for blending into mixed drinks. When shaken or stirred into your favorite whiskey cocktail recipe, Mashville releases a complex array of taste notes and aromas including, but certainly not limited to: charred oak, red apple cider, clove, and sweet corn. All with just the right amount ofburn.

    Mix It Into Cocktails

    Mashville Non-alcoholic Whiskey alternative makes a truly delicious Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Rob Roy, Whiskey Sour, or any other favorite mixed whiskey cocktail – without any of the alcohol, sugar, or calories. Be sure to check out our Mashville recipes.

    Mix into Life

    A healthier lifestyle is on everyone’s mind, and Whiskey drinkers are no exception. We love our whiskey, but we also love our bodies. Maybe you’re looking to cut back on booze or sugar. Maybe you’re looking to up your fitness game. Maybe sometimes you want to keep-on-cocktailing, but you just don’t want to be tired in the morning. Maybe it’s nobody’s business, right? Now you have the option of a whiskey alternative that’s authentic-tasting and alcohol-free.

    Our Commitment

    Seir Hill was founded in a converted barn built in 1744, on a centuries-old farm located in Wilton, Ct. The rich history of this farmland and our appreciation for America’s farmers inspired us to contribute to the American Farmland Trust with every bottle we sell. Cheers to America’s farmers.


    Filtered Water, Charred Oak Flavor, Sweet Corn Flavor, Malt Flavor, Clove Extract, Red Apple Cider Flavor, Meyer Lemon Flavor, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Acaia and Xanthan Gums, Purple Carrot and Caramel (Natural Color), Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 82 reviews
    Glenn Stewart (Bloomingdale)
    Great flavor

    Liked your product better than some of the others I've tried

    Hops and Stem
    Best Rum Alternative On The Market

    The Biscane Rum literally tastes like the real thing. Blown away by the complexity of flavor. It’s a must try for all rum lovers. Do yourself a favor and order 2 bottles you won’t regret it.


    This does not taste anything close to a whisky. It tastes a watery cough syrup. This was a bad bad buy. I dislike it and will never buy from here again. The disappointment is far too great. I really did hope at least some kind of whisky flavor and mouthfeel to come through. This is NOTHING like the real thing. I know it’s just hard to reproduce the flavors of whisky. But c’mon guys, at least a little bit of similarity could have been achieved.

    Katey Foster (New York)

    We love Mashville and are so grateful to Seir Hill for their efforts to create healthy libations for us all!!! We create our own mocktails with fun syrups and herbs. The “rum” and coke is great too! Always pleased with the quality service…A great product line and a great company!

    Donna wood (Whitewater)

    Mashville™ Non-alcoholic Whiskey Alternative

    Join the Revolution

    The cocktail menu is changing fast. More and more people like you are looking for an option that has all of the complexity, warmth and friendliness of traditional whiskey sprits – without the alcohol, sugar, calories, gluten, or guilt. And Mashville has answered the call.

    Mocktail Recipes