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Biscane, Non-alcoholic Rum Alternative
Edward Miller (Greensboro)

Biscane, Non-alcoholic Rum Alternative

Biscane, Non-alcoholic Rum Alternative

Great stuff

I’ve been doing dry January. I love the taste of Seir Hill tequilla. It makes a great margarita!

We love Mashville and are so grateful to Seir Hill for their efforts to create healthy libations for us all!!! We create our own mocktails with fun syrups and herbs. The “rum” and coke is great too! Always pleased with the quality service…A great product line and a great company!

Mashville™ Non-alcoholic Whiskey Alternative

Biscane, Non-alcoholic Rum Alternative
Fred Crawford (San Pedro)
I love both bottles of the alcohol free spirits you'd sent me!

Hello! Thank you so much for those 2 bottles you sent me..the "Biscane"Non-Alcoholic Rum alternative-and the"Mashville"Non-Alcoholic Whiskey alternative..They both tastes great and very light! I've used them for mixing drinks and even added to hot chocolate..and I've even used the Biscane to add into my morning oatmeal .replacing half the amount of water with the Biscane,for when I boil the half water/half Biscane to add the oatmeal to when cooking it for my oatmeal breakfast. Both the Biscane and the Mashville are both very light and even has a smooth,slightly sweet fruit-like taste..buvwithout the sugar! I would definitely order the Biscane non-alcoholic Rum again!!

The bourbon drink is pretty good. Rather than drinking two ounces of bourbon on ice it mixes well one to one one ice. 50 percent less alcohol!👍

Mashville™ Non-alcoholic Whiskey Alternative
Anonymous (Huntington Station)
Best Alternative to Whiskey On The Market

I've been searching for an NA alternative in preparing an old fashioned and am happy that Mashville exceeded any other options on the market. Looking forward to trying the other Seir Hill products. The ordering and shipping process was seamless and surprisingly quick without any issues.

I gave a poor review because the package was smashed and the bottle broken. They promptly sent a replacement and for that I am grateful. The second package arrived intact. While I appreciate the use of Ready Roll biodegradable paper mesh it certainly does not protect it from a drop unless a lot more is used in a bigger box. Bubble wrap is plastic, yes, but for a small box like this would provide much more protection than paper mesh.

Mashville™ Non-alcoholic Whiskey Alternative

Good alternative to alcohol

Biscane, Non-alcoholic Rum Alternative
AnnaMarie Post-Pinchek (Mount Juliet)

It took like 6 months to arrive, but very enjoyable.
Love the bottle

It's Great!

Good stuff!

Love the near-authentic tequila taste. Excellent for NA Margaritas.

Mashville™ Non-alcoholic Whiskey Alternative

Not bad.

It is better than the other Whiskey type I have tried so far. It's a good mixer but I wish it had a little more bite and was a little more smoother and rounder. There was a shipping issue but the company resolved it right away. Thanks for that.

Long time bourbon passes the test!

This is a solid effort . The nose is right and the flavor and slight bite at the end are just spot on. This is the best of the non-alcohol bourbon alternatives I've tried and I tried quite a few .

Nice taste

Surprisingly a good product 😎

I was in the liquor industry for 40 years, worked on marketing a lot of whiskey brands.. i’ve got to say this is a damn good product for being a non-alcoholic whiskey.. 🥃👍


I thoroughly enjoy mixing mock-tails with the Mashville. It is a fantastic replacement for whiskey and I love the taste and flavor. Cudos to you for concocting such a marvelous product

Great Product

I was shocked on how great and real the taste is,was a little weak because it doesnt have the bite like the one with alcohol but as close to the real thing as it gets.

Mashville Case
Andrew Griffiths (Chesapeake)
Wrong shipment

I ordered a case and only received 1 bottle. However when I asked them about it they were most helpful and are sending a case, along with a rocks glass.
Andrew Griffiths

Very good alternative for mixed drinks

Overall, a nice non-alcoholic alternative for making mixed drinks. I don't care for drinking it straight as it has a woody aroma and aftertaste, but mixed as a Manhattan, it's very good. I'll definitely buy it again.

Mashville™ Non-alcoholic Whiskey Alternative

Mashville Case
John McDowell (Staten Island)
Buy the case

If you enjoy Seir Hill nightly like I do I was constantly reordering. I asked Brian if it was available by the case and the answer is yes. Saves me time and money with the case discount. Thanks Brain