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Mashville™ Non-alcoholic Whiskey Alternative

Not bad.

It is better than the other Whiskey type I have tried so far. It's a good mixer but I wish it had a little more bite and was a little more smoother and rounder. There was a shipping issue but the company resolved it right away. Thanks for that.

Long time bourbon passes the test!

This is a solid effort . The nose is right and the flavor and slight bite at the end are just spot on. This is the best of the non-alcohol bourbon alternatives I've tried and I tried quite a few .

Nice taste

Surprisingly a good product 😎

I was in the liquor industry for 40 years, worked on marketing a lot of whiskey brands.. i’ve got to say this is a damn good product for being a non-alcoholic whiskey.. 🥃👍


I thoroughly enjoy mixing mock-tails with the Mashville. It is a fantastic replacement for whiskey and I love the taste and flavor. Cudos to you for concocting such a marvelous product

Great Product

I was shocked on how great and real the taste is,was a little weak because it doesnt have the bite like the one with alcohol but as close to the real thing as it gets.

Mashville Case
Andrew Griffiths (Chesapeake)
Wrong shipment

I ordered a case and only received 1 bottle. However when I asked them about it they were most helpful and are sending a case, along with a rocks glass.
Andrew Griffiths

Very good alternative for mixed drinks

Overall, a nice non-alcoholic alternative for making mixed drinks. I don't care for drinking it straight as it has a woody aroma and aftertaste, but mixed as a Manhattan, it's very good. I'll definitely buy it again.

Mashville™ Non-alcoholic Whiskey Alternative

Mashville Case
John McDowell (Staten Island)
Buy the case

If you enjoy Seir Hill nightly like I do I was constantly reordering. I asked Brian if it was available by the case and the answer is yes. Saves me time and money with the case discount. Thanks Brain

Love it!

So excited by this drink! Customer service was awesome. A very satisfying purchase :)

Great alternative!

Tasty and makes a great Old Mashioned!!!


I ordered two bottles and I must say when mixed this product does taste like the real thing but of course without the kick or hangover.

Good non alcoholic option. not much bite, but ok mixed

Have tried product from Free Spirit. It's better straight than Seir Hill is, but this product has a good smooth texture that the other doesn't have, and when mixed (I just used a lightly flavored soda), it works just fine. New to this type of product, so still exploring, but not opposed to ordering this again.


Good, but has no resemblance to the real thing. However, just like the real thing one develops a “taste”for it.

Happy with product looking forward to receiving my new order in July. Thanks.James L.Montford.

Still Learning

I'm just diving into the N/A world...looking for great red wines and bourbon derivatives that can be used to replicate the alcohol-based versions I've enjoyed for decades. Seir Hill is good and I will keep it on the shelf.

Mashville™ Non-alcoholic Whiskey Alternative
On the right track, but needs improvement

I had a varied experience with this product. You need to be careful with the recipes and reduce the amount of this stuff you add to your drink. When I made my first drink, I didn't measure it and just poured in whatever amount to a Coke Zero. It was awful that first time and I had to get used to the flavor, which is more like rum to me. In any case, after reducing the amount I added to each drink, the taste got better. For example, I only add about one ounce to a 12 ounce Coke Zero, that is the sweet spot and tastes pretty good. Having said that, this stuff could use more improvement on the flavor front, it needs to be more smoky and less sweet. Even so, I give it four stars due to finding a recipe that works for me that I like. Be patient and try different things with it before you write a review. Good luck!

Tasty but not what I expected

The Seir Hill Mashville is absolutely delicious. I like that it’s not sweetened at all, and it has a complex warming flavor. Strong clove and a little citrus and caramel. Very tasty. But it didn’t remind me much of whiskey or bourbon at all. I’m still enjoying it very much but it wasn’t what I expected.

I like it - has a taste all its own

it's a little watery, not as strong as i'd like. it doesn't taste like whiskey, but it has a taste all its own that i like. a spirit-like taste. i wish it had more of a kick and less of a price.

What a great product.

First off, they tell you straight up that this is for Mocktails. Do not try this neat. That said this is fantastic. I think my favorite was a mint julip. Another way I enjoyed this was with a little simple syrup and a bit of water. Great alternative. Fantastic.

Mashville™ Non-alcoholic Whiskey Alternative
Barbara Musante (Blairsville)
Trying a new drink!

the whiskey was a wonderful change from just having water! The smoky flavor and smell were there, and not sweet! Amazing!

Mashville™ Non-alcoholic Whiskey Alternative
Angela Schlaeger (Minneapolis)
Awesome Alternative

Thank you for this! I am in recovery and wanted something fun for summer! This is perfect and I will order more and more. I’m Gluten Free so N/A beer is out of the question! I drink it over ice or add a little red bull zero for a long night! (Campfires) My favorite part is I don’t fall on my face after!! It has a warm vanilla taste to me that follows with a kick, minus the harsh alcohol sting! Thanks again! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Drink mixer at best

This is a great addition to drinks but it is not a alternative to bourbon in any way.