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2nd order and enjoy this for a non-alcohol Old Fashion.

Best that's out there.

I love it and would recommend it. Unfortunately so do a lot of people. But it's worth the wait.

Seir hill review

Tried it in a mule, Diet Coke and 7up all were a good replacement for the real thing. The only thing I missed was the hangover.

I was pleasantly surprised

I've given up spirts many years ago, and on a whim I ordered Seir Hill see if it tasted like whiskey, and to me it taste like I remember the leaded stuff tasting, it is worth it

Bob gitter

Best non alcoholic ever had/great customer service/ outstanding!!!!!!

Great as a mixer

While certainly not a replacement at all for whiskey, this is very excellent in mixed drinks by adding a kind of spice taste to them. I had only planned on purchasing one bottle to taste it, but I find I am using it all the time, so I will probably be buying more. Just do not drink this straight, you will regret it.

Great Alternative to Bourbon

Mashville has a deep smoky flavor but is very distinct. I love it in spiced apple cider, as a ginger and mash and also with any citrus flavor. Warms you beautifully as a hot toddy too! Thanks!!!!

Nice Whiskey alternative

It is definitely not meant to be drunk straight, but in a mixed drink it can do very well. It does have a very mild flavor so be very light on any mixers or other product. The Manhattan recipe they have on the website does a good job (I use some spicy bitters to help give it a kick similar to alcohol). I also use Whiskey stones to avoid watering down the drink.

Great in hot cider

We are REALLY trying to cut back, and this has helped a lot as the holidays are upon us. It is GREAT in hot aple cider. We just got our first batch of egg nog going and I’m psyched to try it in that. True, it’s not great on it’s own for sipping (meaning it is NOT actual bourbon), but mixed it really does the trick.

Mashville Oh Yeah

I enjoy this alternative because when you exhale it s all whiskey and it is not sweet r overpowering. Works great in cocktails.

Great drink

Nothing compares to bourbon, but this is a good, stiff drink at the end of the day. I typically had it with a few dashes of bitters and a large ice cube, and it was really enjoyable! No guilt, great flavor! I'll be ordering more very soon!

First time ordering, and certainly not the last

Was looking to take an alcohol break with COVID and the lock downs. Couldn't find a good whiskey-alternative that had something even remotely close to a whiskey taste on the back end. Found Mashville and I wasn't disappointed. Have used in a mixed drink with Coke Zero + to make Old Fashions (though I did a 1.5 shot of the product for a stronger taste). Will be placing another order soon!

Great as a mixer

I did a tasting yesterday comparing it to Lyre’s American Malt and Ritual zero. The winners for me: On the rocks the winner was American Malt from Lyre’s. It tasted “alcoholic”, spicy, nutty and very appealing, with a great extra kick at the end. Second best: Seir Hill as more malty and subtle taste than Ritual Zero

Mixed with Ginger Ale and angostura bitters: The winner is Seir Hill!! Loved the way it retains the malty flavour and with the mixer it actually grows in flavour, it’s not too spicy or overbearing. Love it!!

So loved your product with a mixer, neat was not great, and what I loved from your product more is no sugar or calories.

Better than the rest

I've been waiting for Seir Hill for months. Since health conditions have forced me to cut WAYYYY back on my alcohol consumption, I'm looking for alternatives. And I've tried them all. Like others have said, don't try this neat, and don't try to exactly replicate whiskey because you won't dig it if a blind taste test is your metric. HOWEVER ... the flavors and aromas of this product are in my opinion far better than the competition. It's not sugar based, which is a huge plus. I started just by throwing a bit in some Elderflower Lemonade, and it was glorious. It added all the right flavor notes. Then I tried the Cinnamon Maple Sour (used a bourbon barrel aged maple syrup), and that was amazing. I'm a big Manhattan snob so I didn't try to replicate a Manhattan.

Look -- you have to be prepared to create a whole new set of flavors and mixtures, and if you're willing to do that, you'll find that these non-alcoholic whiskeys are a pretty great addition to the "liquor" cabinet. For me, SH Mashville goes to the front of the cabinet over the other NA whiskeys.

Now that egg nog season is here, I expect to go through the rest of this bottle quickly...

Outstanding as a mixer

We added a splash of Fever-Tree Smoky Ginger Ale to Mashville for a delicious mocktail. Introduced it my brother’s family to great acclaim too. Thank you Seir Hill for a new flavor entry.


Exceeded all my expectations

Great alcohol alternative

Good with Ginger beer and lime or in an Irish Coffee, would love a vodka alternative

A non-drinker's perspective

I tried Mashville out of curiosity – I'm not much of a drinker, but I do enjoy fruit juices and flavored lemonades mixed with sparkling water…sort of my own mocktails. Not exactly sure what a good whiskey is supposed to taste like, but Mashville adds a nice malty smoothness to my own concoctions. Great color, with a distinctive, lingering flavor. Good stuff.


Love it. Good taste. Would like to try the Rum

Best damn non-alcoholic Whisky!

Having my first glass of this fine non alcoholic whisky and I love it! If this was available to buy in stores I'd buy it regularly. The shipping was remarkably fast which was awesome shipped yesterday if I remember correctly and it arrived today. But if I could save money and get it in stores that would be perfect but until that happens I probably won't buy another bottle straight away. I give this Whisky 10 out of 10!

Neat, no. But mixed HELL YES!

So here are my thoughts on Mashville.

1: Tasted neat, obviously does not work. Frankly I am not sure there will ever be a whiskey sub that will be able to be taken neat.

2:Out of Ritual, Lyre's and Seir Hill. Seir Hill by far makes the best old fashioned. I mean WOW!! Taste just like the real thing! I also made a whiskey and Coke, also WOW. I then tried it with egg nog which brought out the clove a little too much for me, but was still nice.

Final thoughts: 5 Stars as a mixer!

A better cocktail hour!

I made the cinnamon maple sour last night...I used a bit too much lemon juice (I am a terrible bartender!), but the drink had a nice look and feel to it, and the taste was quite satisfying. It had a warmth to it in the aftertaste that was very nice. Smell out of the bottle is a bit startling, but once mixed, it picks up the whiskey smokiness...a great alternative for the happiest of hours!