Durangold, Non-alcoholic Tequila Alternative

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Durangold™ is an alcohol-free Tequila alternative that’s made just for mixing. The flavors and aromas of agave, lemon peel and other pleasing southwestern notes appear when it’s stirred into any mixed Tequila cocktail recipe…delivering that authentic experience you crave, without any of the alcohol or calories. And Durangold has got an old-fashioned burn that’ll raise your eyebrows, believe that!

  • A Non-alcoholic Tequila that is also calorie free, gluten free, allergen free, and vegan
  • Rich, smooth, authentic Tequila flavors and complex aromas are released when it’s mixed
  • Made just for mixing; Stir it into your favorite mixed Tequila drink recipes, but don’t even bother to drink it straight!
  • Fits your healthier lifestyle; The perfect alcohol-free Tequila alternative for a cocktail lover like you
  • Makes a welcome and unexpected gift for your Tequila-loving friends



Now, a delicious non-alcoholic Tequila cocktail is yours for the mixing – any time you like, and just the way you like it. So even if you’re “not drinking,” you can enjoy the best that Tequila has to offer! Durangold is the sophisticated answer to the all of those boring alcohol-free alternatives like bubbly water, calorie-laden sodas, watery n/a beers, and diet drinks. As everybody knows, those options just don’t cut it during cocktail hour.

Let’s Mix Things Up

These days, people everywhere are taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Two of the most popular and effective ways they’re doing that is by cutting back on alcohol and by cutting back on sugar. Durangold non-alcoholic Tequila helps you do both, because it’s alcohol-free and sugar free, too.

Perhaps you’re looking to reduce, or eliminate, alcohol and/or sugar? Maybe you’re trying to lose weight? Put less stress on your body? Or, maybe you just want to work a few non-alcoholic Tequila cocktails into your routine so you can feel a little brighter in the morning? Whatever your reason, you don’t have to sacrifice on flavor.

Durangold Tequila alternative makes a scrumptious Paloma, a radiant Tequila Sunrise, a kickin’ Mexican Mule, a classic Margarita, and any other mixed Tequila drink you can think of. Mix it into your favorite Tequila cocktail recipe and see what we mean. Be sure to check out our Durangold recipes for inspriation, coming soon!

Our Commitment

The Seir Hill® company, proud makers of Durangold non-alcoholic Tequila, operates out of a handsome old converted barn that dates back to 1744, located on Connecticut farmland that is steeped in rich American history. As such, we are proud to donate a portion of the proceeds from every bottle we sell to the American Farmland Trust. Let’s all raise a glass to the American Farmer!


Filtered Water, Agave Flavor, Charred Oak Flavor, Vanilla Extract, Orange Flavor, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Acaia and Xanthan Gums, Caramel (Natural Color), Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Patty Terranova (Wilton)

Durangold, Non-alcoholic Tequila Alternative

Megan (Novato)
Great stuff

I’ve been doing dry January. I love the taste of Seir Hill tequilla. It makes a great margarita!

John Haslip (Lansdale)

Good alternative to alcohol

Good stuff!

Love the near-authentic tequila taste. Excellent for NA Margaritas.

Mocktail Recipes

Join the Revolution

The cocktail scene has changed. Whether we’re at home, or at a hopping bar with friends, more of us are looking for alcohol-free cocktail options that don’t sacrifice on taste. And Durangold Tequila alternative delivers the authentic warmth and complexity of real Tequila spirits without the booze, calories, gluten, or guilt. Can we get an Olé?