Mashville™ Non-alcoholic Whiskey Alternative

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Now available in 750ML and 375ML sizes! 

Mashville™ is a non-alcoholic, sugar-free whiskey alternative that blends perfectly in all of your favorite mixed drinks. This alcohol-free blend has the smooth flavor of a premium whiskey, but it won’t slow you down. Enjoy a sophisticated beverage with notes of sweet corn, charred oak, clove and red apple cider. Zero alcohol, zero calories and all natural. Seir Hill is a new kind of adult beverage — just don't call it weak.

 Alcohol free
 Calorie free
 Sugar free
 Allergen free
 Gluten free


Ingredients: Filtered Water, Charred Oak Flavor, Sweet Corn Flavor, Malt Flavor, Clove Extract, Red Apple Cider Flavor, Meyer Lemon Flavor, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Acaia and Xanthan Gums, Purple Carrot and Caramel (Natural Color), Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
On the right track, but needs improvement

I had a varied experience with this product. You need to be careful with the recipes and reduce the amount of this stuff you add to your drink. When I made my first drink, I didn't measure it and just poured in whatever amount to a Coke Zero. It was awful that first time and I had to get used to the flavor, which is more like rum to me. In any case, after reducing the amount I added to each drink, the taste got better. For example, I only add about one ounce to a 12 ounce Coke Zero, that is the sweet spot and tastes pretty good. Having said that, this stuff could use more improvement on the flavor front, it needs to be more smoky and less sweet. Even so, I give it four stars due to finding a recipe that works for me that I like. Be patient and try different things with it before you write a review. Good luck!

frank ingellis (Morgantown)
Tasty but not what I expected

The Seir Hill Mashville is absolutely delicious. I like that it’s not sweetened at all, and it has a complex warming flavor. Strong clove and a little citrus and caramel. Very tasty. But it didn’t remind me much of whiskey or bourbon at all. I’m still enjoying it very much but it wasn’t what I expected.

Jeff K (Bay City)
I like it - has a taste all its own

it's a little watery, not as strong as i'd like. it doesn't taste like whiskey, but it has a taste all its own that i like. a spirit-like taste. i wish it had more of a kick and less of a price.

David Sexton (Seattle)
What a great product.

First off, they tell you straight up that this is for Mocktails. Do not try this neat. That said this is fantastic. I think my favorite was a mint julip. Another way I enjoyed this was with a little simple syrup and a bit of water. Great alternative. Fantastic.

Barbara Musante (Blairsville)
Trying a new drink!

the whiskey was a wonderful change from just having water! The smoky flavor and smell were there, and not sweet! Amazing!