The Best Non-Alcoholic Rum Drink Recipes

Rum is a classic spirit that calls to mind tropical beaches, fearsome pirates, and a slow and mellow take on life. For those who want a rum alternative, Biscane offers the island experience without the dreaded hangover. Seir Hill’s non-alcoholic rum won gold in the LA Spirits Awards 2022 and has the same flavors and tasting notes as a regular spirit but without the alcohol.

These days, non-alcoholic drinks and alcohol-free recipes are more popular than ever. But why is that the case? And what does that mean for those who like to sip cocktails without the side effects? Let's dive into the world of alcohol-free spirits and see what they have to offer.

A Brief History of Rum, Biscane, and Seir Hill

Rum has a long tradition of being associated with tropical islands and exotic locales. The first mention of rum was in 1650 in Barbados. The spirit, which is created as a byproduct of distilling sugar cane, originated in the West Indies and went by the moniker "kill-devil" or "rumbullion." It didn't take long for people to shorten the name to just rum.

In the American colonies, rum was a significant component of the slave trade. Slaves and molasses were brought over from Africa, and colonists distilled the molasses into rum to trade for more slaves. This practice continued heavily throughout the 1700s. Rum was the spirit of choice for many colonists, who preferred it over alternatives like whiskey or vodka.

In modern times, rum has cemented itself as the tastiest spirit for both drinking straight and cocktail mixing. Most rum is distilled from molasses, giving it its distinct flavor and profile.

Seir Hill and Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Seir Hill was created to revolutionize the alcohol-free spirit industry. The founder, Brian Miller, had decided to give up alcohol to live a healthier lifestyle, but his preference for mixed drinks didn't dissipate. Unfortunately, the selection of alcohol-free booze at the time was pretty uninspiring, so he set out to change the game.

It all started with a passionate desire to create a non-alcoholic version of an Old Fashioned. After trying hundreds of alcohol-free recipes, Miller and his team were able to create a whiskey alternative called Mashville that delivered the results, all without a drop of alcohol. Since then, Seir Hill has expanded to include tequila and rum, which is where Biscane comes in.

Biscane - The Rum Alternative of Your Cocktail Dreams

Because rum is such an integral part of so many alcoholic beverages, Seir Hill had a tall order to fill. They had to figure out how to capture the essence of the islands while maintaining a healthier, non-alcoholic spirit. Fortunately, their hard work paid off, and Biscane is a delicious drink that pairs well with just about any mixer you could imagine.

Part of the secret of Biscane's deliciousness is Seir Hill's commitment to high-quality ingredients and bottling processes. However, just because this rum is alcohol-free doesn't mean it should taste like a cheap alternative. Although no distillation is involved, Biscane has many excellent flavor notes like caramel, black raspberry, molasses, charred oak, and a hint of passionfruit.

Biscane is also healthier than other rums in more ways than one. First, it's gluten-free, so those with celiac disease can enjoy their favorite cocktails without having an upset stomach. Second, it's completely vegan, so it works for all parties and events, especially those that include guests who want to avoid animal byproducts. Finally, Biscane only has one gram of sugar per serving. That's pretty impressive given the sweeter elements contained in this beverage.

One thing to note about Biscane is that it's made for mixing. While some traditional rums might work well on the rocks, Biscane is not meant for sipping. This is a mixing rum, so you can choose your favorite cocktails and turn them into alcohol-free recipes. If you don't have any recipes for rum mocktails, don't worry. We have you covered with detailed recipes for your favorites, including:

We also add more recipes to our mocktail list regularly, so be sure to check back to see what else is in store.

Biscane Rum Mocktail Recipes

If you're interested in seeing what the non-alcoholic beverage trend is all about, why not make your own cocktails with Biscane? We have many recipes available, and more are coming to our site regularly. Here are some of our favorite drinks that put Biscane front and center:

Cuba Libre

If you're up to date with your Spanish, you know the name Cuba Libre means "Free Cuba." According to legend, this drink came about during the Ten Years' War, when Cuba fought for its independence from Spain. Shortly after the war, American companies sent products to the island, including Coca-Cola. Locals began mixing rum with Coke, and a new drink was born. Most people know this cocktail as a "rum and Coke," and an "official" Cuba Libre comes with a slice of lime for flavor.

Rum Punch

Technically, this is the world's oldest cocktail, as it dates back to the 1600s. Sailors aboard East India Trading Company ships used to mix their own punch during long voyages and used Jamaican rum to make it alcoholic. Over the centuries, punch has always been a mainstay of beverage selections, although it has not always been chic. Non-alcoholic rum punch uses the same fresh fruit juices and spices and substitutes Biscane for Jamaican dark rum.


This beverage is native to New Orleans, and it came about because of rationing during World War II. At the time, whiskey was the drink of choice, but it was hard to find. So, a bartender at a local watering hole decided to make a cocktail with rum instead. By combining sweet juices and tropical flavors, the drink became an instant success! These days, you can't travel to the Big Easy without seeing hurricanes in people's hands. Biscane works well with this cocktail and adds a unique flavor to the mix.

Pina Colada

This drink dates back to 1954 when bartender Ramón “Monchito” Marrero came up with the frozen cocktail while working at the Caribe Hilton in Puerto Rico. Marrero served it to his guests for over 30 years, making it a smash hit in Puerto Rico and elsewhere. The Puerto Rican government even awarded Marrero and the Caribe Hilton a certificate for making such an iconic cocktail. A Biscane Colada offers the same taste of the island, just without the alcohol.


The mojito hails from Havana, Cuba, although its origins are a bit muddled (pun intended). According to some legends, the drink was created by the natives as a form of tonic. Alternatively, it might have been created by slaves working the sugar cane fields. Either way, it started in Havana but quickly grew to become a refreshing and tropical drink to enjoy around the world. All you need to make a non-alcoholic variety is some mint leaves, Biscane, lime juice, club soda, and some simple syrup. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dark and Stormy

This beverage originated on the decks of trading ships in the 1800s. Since sailors would get seasick, they would be prescribed ginger beer and rum to help alleviate their ailments. It didn't take too long before someone decided to mix these two drinks to come up with something unique and tasty. However, the most famous person to develop the Dark n' Stormy was William Gosling, founder of Gosling Black Seal Rum. In fact, if you don't use Gosling rum, you're technically not allowed to use the name Dark n' Stormy. Fortunately, Biscane works well for a Dark and Stormy, and you don't need to get nauseous on a boat to enjoy it.


A Primer on the Non-Alcoholic Spirit Craze

For a long time, alcohol-free booze was not embraced by society at large. There were only a couple of offerings, and typically only those who had to avoid drinking (i.e., those with alcohol addiction) drank them. However, in recent years, non-alcoholic drinks have become more popular, starting around 2016. At the time, a few more options were available, and "sober curious" customers wanted alternatives to standard spirits and mixed drinks.

Since then, the non-alcoholic industry has exploded, and the trend looks like it will only continue upward. Here are some recent stats to give you a clearer picture of what's happening.

  • Non-alcoholic spirit spending rose to $331 million in 2020, which was a 33-percent increase over 2019.
  • There has been a 315-percent increase in online sales of non-alcoholic beverages over the same period.
  • Most of the consumers driving this trend aren't trying to be completely sober, but instead focusing on wellness and healthier drinking alternatives.

Because of increased demand, there are more non-alcoholic beverage manufacturers than ever before, such as Seir Hill. Some of these companies routinely sell out of their stock, illustrating that consumers are thirsty for these products. In fact, alcohol consumption is at its lowest point in the last 20 years, even after a small rise during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While non-alcoholic beer and wine are thriving, non-alcoholic spirts are the number one choice for sober-curious customers.

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