Seir Hill Featured in the Wall Street Journal


“Just in time for the holidays—it’s New York City’s first zero-proof liquor store. Or as owner Douglas Watters has it, “booze-free bottle shop.” It’s a store stocked with fancy drinks that won’t get you drunk.”

“Mr. Watters said most of the 30 brands on his store’s two racks are less than two years old. And many deliver an unexpected flavor experience.”

“The opening of Spirited Away is more proof of the growing market for zeroproof drinks as non-drinking becomes more normalized—even in boozesoaked New York City, says Mr. deBary.”

““We’re coming up on our millionth cocktail sold,” he says.”

“The pandemic has slowed the city’s growing zero-proof nightlife scene, of course. Brooklyn’s nonalcoholic Getaway bar was flourishing last winter, says co-owner Sam Thonis —sales nearly doubled after the New Year thanks to the growing “Dry January” trend, which had people snapping up the venue’s $13 “Ginger Spice” mocktails. But in May, it became a morning-hours coffee shop with a “general store” featuring zero-proof spirits, wine and beer. Mr. Thonis plans to relaunch the bar when the pandemic allows.”

“Listen Bar, a booze-free pop-up club based in New York City, went virtual last spring, offering online happy hours where guests learned to make alcohol-free cocktails, says founder Lorelei Bandrovschi. A $149, six-week, online “nightlife incubator” class offered this fall attracted 40 participants looking to launch their own booze-free bars and other nightlife concepts.”

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