Biscane Wins Gold

We are thrilled to announce that our rum-inspired non-alcoholic mixer, Biscane, which debuted in May of 2022, won a gold medal in the L.A. Spirits awards. L.A. Spirits Awards was conceived in 2019 by Nicolette Teo and Joel Blum, who after working together in the competition business for many years realized the need for a new competition paradigm—one that would go beyond the mere awarding of medals.

The L.A. Spirits Awards judges spirits quality from the perspective of a new generation of experts, by a fresh and diverse team that better reflects the look of the overall spirits industry. Learn more about the L.A. Spirits Awards here. 

Biscane Rum alternative celebrates the glory days of Florida’s Rum Runners with this sophisticated spirit featuring classic notes of sugar-cane and molasses, complex aromas, and a warm finish. With just 1 gram of sugar and 5 calories per serving, Biscane is the perfect alternative to your favorite rum in your favorite cocktail. Learn more about Biscane here. 

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