Whiskey Ginger Mocktail

What's better than sipping on a glass of excellent whiskey while enjoying the company of others? What about a whiskey ginger mocktail that doesn't contain a drop of alcohol? While that may seem a bit odd to some people, what really matters is the whiskey alternative you use. Fortunately, Seir Hill's Mashville is a bold and bountiful alcohol-free spirit that mixes just as well as the real deal. 

So, before you invite the family over for the holidays, you should practice your whiskey ginger mocktail skills. Then, as you serve up a batch of these drinks, you'll be the hit of the party. This whiskey ginger recipe will surely delight your guests, whether they drink or not. So, get your cocktail glasses ready - let's begin!

A Brief History of the Whiskey Ginger Cocktail

To understand the history of the whiskey ginger cocktail, we have to go back to the 1920s and the social upheaval that came about because of Prohibition. For those who don't know, Prohibition made the sale, manufacture, and distribution of alcohol illegal in the United States. As most of us are aware, just because the law said it was illegal to sell booze didn't mean that enterprising individuals found ways around it. 

Speakeasies and underground bars sprang up almost overnight. However, what's important to know is that these establishments were a far cry from the bars and social clubs that existed before Prohibition. Prior to 1920, bars were only open to men, and they had set hours and age restrictions. So, in a way, the National Prohibition Act democratized drinking and made it available to everyone (at least those who didn't mind skirting the rules). 

So, where does the whiskey ginger fit into all this? Well, as you can imagine, getting your hands on high-quality liquor was pretty hard at this time, so traditional craft cocktails pretty much stopped being a thing. Instead, it was much easier and cheaper just to mix your favorite spirit with some soda and call it a day. The soda would cut down on the harshness of the (often homemade) liquor, making the drink far smoother. 

Between 1920 and 1928, the sales of ginger ale doubled for this exact reason. So, the whiskey ginger became a cocktail out of necessity, not because of the enterprising spirit of a hotel bartender. At the time, many people would get a prescription for whiskey from their local doctor, then mix it with ginger ale so they could handle the sharp taste. 

Hollywood even got in on the act, with Greta Garbo ordering some whiskey and a side of ginger ale in the movie Anna Christie. While her character ignored the ginger, the pairing was cemented in popular culture and remained for decades to come. Over the years, many people have added a spin to this classic cocktail, but the original still holds a special place in America's heart. 

Whiskey Alternatives and the Holiday Season

The holidays are a time to spend with friends and family, which often means plenty of opportunities for social drinking. However, non-alcoholic spirits are becoming more and more popular as consumers shift to be more health-conscious. Drinking too many cocktails can be bad for the heart, liver, and kidneys, so drinking mocktails is a far better alternative. 

Fortunately, with alcohol-free spirits like Mashville, switching has never been easier or tastier. Whether you're observing Sober October or just want a way to experience Thanksgiving without a hangover, this drink can work wonders. Seir Hill also does more than make a tasty whiskey alternative. The company also produces non-alcoholic rum and tequila. So, no matter what cocktails you prefer, you can make them all with these delicious ingredients. 

What You'll Need to Make a Whiskey Ginger Mocktail

Since the ingredient list for this cocktail is so short, you should already have everything necessary in your kitchen cupboard. Here's a breakdown of the equipment and ingredients needed for a whiskey ginger mocktail. 

  • Highball Glass - Technically, you can use any glass for this beverage, but there's something special about drinking from a certified highball glass. Tumblers can also work well. 
  • Stirring Spoon - While you don't necessarily have to mix the drink to enjoy it, the stirring spoon offers a bit of polish to the proceedings, giving this drink the historical significance it deserves. 
  • Paring Knife - We prefer our whiskey gingers with a slice of lime, so you'll need a knife to cut your fruit. However, if you're not into garnishes, you can skip that step altogether. 

Ingredient List

If you're planning to make multiple whiskey gingers and want to make a large batch, just remember the 2:1 ratio of ginger ale and whiskey. Also, make sure to cut enough wedges so that everyone gets a slice. 

How to Make a Whiskey Ginger

There's some debate over whether you should add ice to your glass before or after mixing this drink. We recommend putting ice in the glass first, as that's how a bartender would do it at your local watering hole. However, some people prefer to get the flavors to blend just right before chilling them. Overall, it comes down to personal preference, so try it either way. 

  • First, add ice to your highball glass. 
  • Next, pour Mashville into the glass. 
  • Then, pour ginger ale over the Mashville. 
  • Using your stirring spoon, gently mix the drink, so you get a taste of whiskey throughout. Finally, add a lime wedge to the top of the glass and enjoy!

For large batches, we recommend mixing your ingredients in a large pitcher. In this case, adding ice doesn't make sense since it will dilute the cocktail. Instead, put ice in individual glasses and pour the mixture over that when serving everyone. 

Alternative Options for Your Whiskey Ginger Mocktail

The great thing about Seir Hill products is that they're perfect for all kinds of mocktails. You can discover more beverages here, but let's discuss various ways to enhance a whiskey ginger. 

  • Make a Whiskey Ginger Twist - In this case, you'll add 1.5 ounces of Cinzano Rosso vermouth and two dashes of bitters. This alternative makes the beverage mostly non-alcoholic, but you can use alcohol-free vermouth if you prefer. Adding these ingredients gives the drink a distinct flavor and makes it feel more like a real cocktail. 
  • Add Cranberry Juice - If you're not a huge fan of ginger ale, you can mix things up by pouring an ounce or two of cranberry juice into the mix. The juice will add some extra sweetness and fruitiness and delivers a strikingly bold red color. If you pour an ounce on top, you can watch it slowly drift down to the bottom of the glass. 
  • Use Oranges Instead of Limes - Orange slices add a different flavor profile to the mocktail, making it a bit zestier. If you're okay with a little bit of alcohol, you can add an ounce of orange liqueur (i.e., Cointreau or Grand Marnier). 
  • Use Apple Slices - Apples and ginger ale mix pretty well together, but to complete the ensemble, we recommend using an ounce of honey. This alternative really sells the seasonal aspect of the beverage, making it perfect for holiday parties. 


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