Mashville Irish Coffee

A Non-Alcoholic Irish Coffee

The Irish coffee is one of the more modern cocktails served today. It was mixed on a whim by Joe Sheridan, the chef at Foynes Port in Ireland. This airport was frequented as a stop on longer flights, but it would often turn to an overnight stay due to weather concerns. 

One night, after coming face to face with a particularly weary group of travelers, Sheridan decided to make something special. This specialty became known as the Irish Coffee, and it put the small port on the Foynes on the map to this very day. 

Today, with the help of Seir Hill and Mashville™, you can make an Irish coffee mocktail with all the warmth and none of the buzz.

For a non-alcoholic Irish coffee, you’ll need:

  • 1 ½ ounces Mashville™
  • 1 ounce of brown sugar simple syrup
  • 4 ounces freshly brewed hot coffee
  • ¼ cup heavy cream (unsweetened)

Now, let’s go over how to mix these ingredients for the best (non-alcoholic) Irish coffee you’ll ever taste. 

Mixing an Irish Coffee Mocktail

When making your non-alcoholic Irish coffee, the first thing you do is take a mug, pour in the Mashville™ and brown sugar syrup, and stir until combined. Then put that aside for a moment.

Next, you want to take the heavy cream and lightly whip it to soft peaks. Once that’s done, you can turn back to your mug. 

Add the hot coffee and stir it into the Mashville™ and syrup. Then top with cream, and enjoy your Irish coffee mocktail. It’s that simple!

Enjoying a Non-Alcoholic Irish Coffee

With a recipe as simple as that, it’s a wonder why we aren’t all drinking Irish coffees all the time. But maybe it’s because the Irish coffee was designed to be a small source of comfort in a time of need. It gave a few moments of peace to those disheveled passengers in 1943, and it’s been doing the same for countless people across the globe ever since. 

And there are ways to make the drink your own, aside from mixing it as an Irish coffee mocktail. You can splurge on a fancy blend of coffee or use cheap instant grounds if that makes you feel more at home. You can even substitute the hot coffee with cold brew if you want a modern drink that’ll really knock your socks off. 

What makes the drink work, no matter how you blend it, is the addition of Mashville™ non-alcoholic whiskey. Mashville™ is made to mix like a whiskey without any of the effects of alcohol, which is great for the health-conscious or those with allergies. It brings notes of charred oak and red apple cider and a rush of clove that’ll mix perfectly with the coffee in our non-alcoholic Irish coffee.

So when you want a bit of relief from the many hazards and exhaustion of life, you can turn to Seir Hill. Mashville™, along with our other non-alcoholic spirits, work to make a variety of drinks that are sure to get your blood flowing. 

Mix a drink and raise a glass. As the Gaelic toast goes: Do shláinte! (To your health)

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