Non-Alcoholic The Godfather Recipe

The Best Non-Alcoholic Godfather Recipe

Nothing embodies the 70s quite like the classic and sophisticated Godfather cocktail. Named after the star of The Godfather, this cocktail became popular at the same time as the beloved movie. 

This simple yet powerful cocktail contains only two ingredients: whiskey and amaretto. The smokey taste of whiskey is the perfect complement to the sweetness of the amaretto. It's often served in the evening to enjoy with dessert and after-dinner conversation.

If you want to relax with a Godfather cocktail but without the alcohol, we've got you covered! Follow our non-alcoholic Godfather recipe to create this smooth and sophisticated drink.

How Did the Godfather Cocktail Get Its Name?

You can't think about The Godfather without having its star, Marlon Brando, coming to mind. Although nobody knows exactly where this cocktail originated from, we can thank Brando for its rise in popularity!

Like the fictional character he played, Brando enjoyed whiskey. Rumor has it the Godfather cocktail was a favorite drink of his. Brando was often seen ordering this cocktail in the 70s while filming.

What Goes Into the Godfather Cocktail?

Although we don't know who exactly created this cocktail, we do have a history of its ingredients.

What Is Whiskey?

Whiskey has a long and interesting history that starts with distillation. Thousands of years ago, knowledge of the distillation process traveled beyond mainland Europe. Monks in Scotland and Ireland didn't have grapes to distill, so they used grains instead.

This process created the earliest form of whiskey. The monks used this popular alcohol for medicinal purposes. 

By the 1600s, Scottish and Irish immigrants were arriving in America. They brought their knowledge of whiskey making with them. In this new place, they could experiment with new types of grain for their whiskey.

Modern-day whiskey begins as distilled beer. The clear, high-proof liquid left from this process is barrel-aged for several years. The wood from the barrel helps darken the whiskey and infuses flavor into it.

If you are looking for the missed-drink flavor of whiskey without the alcohol, try our Mashville Non-alcoholic Whiskey Alternative. This non-alcoholic whiskey boasts complex notes of apple cider, clove, and smoky oak. Mashville is the ideal choice to use in your non-alcoholic Godfather cocktail.

A History of Amaretto

Originating from Italy, almond is at the center flavor of this sweet liqueur. According to folklore, this liqueur was born from a love story.

The legend starts in the early 1500s in Saronno, Italy. A church there hired Bernadino Luini, a student of Leonardo da Vinci, to paint frescos.

Luini found a young, widowed innkeeper to pose as his model for his painting of the Virgin Mary. After falling in love, the innkeeper gave Luini a gift of the amaretto liqueur. Adding to the mystery, to this day, the details of the exact amaretto recipe remain a secret.

This sweet liqueur has many different uses. Amaretto pairs well with other spirits for an easy-to-sip after-dinner drink. You can also put amaretto in your coffee or bake it in desserts.

Amaretto can be made from almonds, apricot, or peach stones. Each of these contains benzaldehyde, which gives off an almond taste.

Traditionally, amaretto has alcohol in it. If you want the taste without the side effects, a non-alcoholic version of this liqueur is an excellent substitute.

The Non-alcoholic Godfather Recipe

Easy yet impressive, you only need a few ingredients to make the Godfather cocktail.

Ingredient List:

Recipe Instructions 

  1. Fill a mixing glass 3/4 the way with ice.
  2. Measure the Mashville and amaretto and pour them into the glass.
  3. Using a mixing spoon, stir the drink for 20 seconds.
  4. Strain into an old-fashioned glass filled with cubed or ball ice.
  5. Garnish with an orange peel.
  6. Enjoy!

Helpful Recipe Tips

Ice is an essential part of the Godfather drink recipe. For the best taste, you will want to use ice that has been recently frozen. Make sure to freeze the ice away from foods that give off strong smells and can throw off the taste of your cocktail. 

You can play with the type of ice that you put in your Godfather cocktail! One large cube or ice balls melt at a slower rate than standard cubes. Trying this type of ice will keep your drink from getting diluted.

The Godfather Variations 

The heart of this cocktail is the ingredients used, the sweet liqueur and the smooth spirit. There are several variations of this cocktail that use this same structure.

The Godmother

This variation uses vodka in place of the original version's whiskey. The lighter taste of the vodka makes the amaretto the star of the show.  


The Godchild

If you want something very sweet, give this variation a try! Instead of whiskey, the godchild uses heavy cream in its place. You can make this version non-alcoholic by using Beckett's '27 Amaretto Non-alcoholic Spirit.

The French Connection

Named after the 1971 movie, this variation uses cognac instead of whiskey. Like the Godfather, the French connection is usually sipped at the end of an evening.

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