Dark & Stormy Canned Mocktail

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Escape to Key Biscayne without leaving your back yard! Our pre-mixed non-alcoholic Dark & Stormy brings the bite of ginger complemented the authentic dark rum flavor of Biscane. The combination is a perfectly-balanced alcohol-free Dark & Stormy that won't slow you down. Just chill, sip and go. 

We're concocting a collection of delicious ready-to-drink canned mocktails made with our revolutionary non-alcoholic spirits. This pack of six Dark & Stormy mocktails combines the authentic rum-inspired flavor of Biscane with everything you love about a refreshing Dark & Stormy. Zero alcohol and zero hassle.

Our six-pack is convenient for carrying to the beach, a party or a quiet dinner for two. And the price won't slow you down either, just $3 per can.

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Drink Some History, Donate to Our Farmers

The Seir Hill® company, proud makers of ready-to-drink non-alcoholic margarita in a can, operates out of a handsome old converted barn that dates back to 1744, located on Connecticut farmland that is steeped in rich American history. As such, we are proud to donate a portion of the proceeds from every bottle we sell to the American Farmland Trust. Let’s all raise a glass to the American Farmer!

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