Shipping delays: A message from the founder of Seir Hill

I want to personally thank all the loyal customers who have pre-ordered our exciting new products, Durangold™ and Biscane™, and those who continue to enjoy Mashville®. Like so many companies in 2021, we’ve experienced some frustrating supply chain issues that have resulted in delayed shipments. We are working diligently to resolve these setbacks and get you your product as fast as we can.

The hold-up has to do with ingredients. Some of the ingredients in our painstakingly crafted recipes have become limited in their availability. We are, of course, aware of substitute ingredients that are more readily available (and cheaper), but we won’t use them. One thing that we will not do to resolve this situation is to compromise on the quality of our beverages. You expect excellence from Seir Hill, so…as thirsty as it makes us, we’d rather wait.

In a year marred with rising prices and inflation, we hope you’ll notice that we have not taken a price increase on any of our products. Our aim isn’t just to be the most preferred non-alcoholic spirit in America, but the most accessible one, too!

Together, we’re creating a Revolution in spirits. A Revolution of flavor and freedom. We are not going to let this temporary, yet frustrating, situation get in the way of our mission.

Please come back to and check your email for the status of your order. We will make this right, as we always have for you, our valued customer. 

Founder, Seir Hill