Our Commitment to the Environment



At Seir Hill, we use only corrugated cardboard packaging to ship our products to you. Our corrugated cardboard shipping boxes are:

  • Made from recycled materials.
  • Built to last. Reusable many times over and fully recyclable. 
  • Biodegradable. When they can’t be reused any more, cardboard breaks down completely without harming the environment.
  • Made in the U.S.A. from strong corrugated Kraft cardboard, with special cushioned inserts that hold every bottle safe and secure during shipping.

Conversely, packing material like Styrofoam, packing peanuts and plastic wrap are an environmental hazard that can take up to 500 years to biodegrade. These non-biodegradable pollutants takes up 30% of landfill space, more than any other single type of waste. 

At Seir Hill, we are committed to being a socially and environmentally responsible. This means examining every aspect of our business to minimize our impact on the planet.