Frequently Asked Questions

Non-Alcoholic Spirts

Factually, no. There is zero alcohol in non-alcoholic spirts like Mashville and an insignificant amount of alcohol in other non-alcoholic spirts like Spiritless. So, no you cannot actually get a buzz from NA spirits. 

However, the placebo effect should not be underestimated. When you're enjoying a delicious mocktail with friends, many have experienced feeling giddy or "high". That's your brain tricking you. 

The answer to this is more complex than you might think. That's because the non-alcoholic beer market has set a very high bar. Most NA beers exactly replicate the experience of drinking real beer — same color, smell, fizz and taste, just no buzz. Crack open a can and drink! 

Non-alcoholic spirits aren't quite that. That's because the foremost qualities of a spirit come from the alcohol content — burn and buzz. However, there are more subtle characteristics of spirits that are completely replicated in NA spirits, like aroma, flavor and mouthfeel. Because of this, all NA spirits are recommended to be mixed in a mocktail. When mixed in a cocktail NA spir its can exactly replicate the experience of traditional spirits. 

In a word, no. Well, of course you CAN drink it straight, but you'll likely be disappointed. Seir Hill Mashville shines brightest when mixed in a mocktail. Even something as simple as Mashville and Coke — it doesn't take much to bring out the complex flavor and warmth of Mashville. We have a list of mocktails for your enjoyment, but you know your favorite drink recipe, simply replace the whiskey with Mashville and let the magic happen. 

There are any number of reasons to drink less or not at all. Low- and no-alcohol spirits offer an alternative to traditional spirits for many occasions, including:

  • You're at dinner with your boss
  • You're pregnant
  • You're the designated driver 
  • You've had a couple drinks and it's still early and you want to stay out
  • You need to be fresh in the morning but don't want to miss out on happy hour

You get the idea... Mashville, and other non-alcoholic spirits, open up a whole new world of options for adults looking for complex aromatic beverages. 

Seir Hill Products

The answer is, it depends. We are in a limited number of specialty stores around the country. Spirited Away in Manhattan is one example, but others are popping up every day. If you own an establishment that carries non-alcoholic spirits, please contact us.  

None. Zero. Nada. We are proud to have created a complex and delicious beverage that has zero calories and zero sugar. And we don't mean that we've replaced sugar with chemicals or substitutes, nope. There are no sweeteners, natural or artificial, in our non-alcoholic spirits. We leave it up to you to sweeten Mashville to your liking. 

Yes. Mashville is made from natural ingredients and separation can happen. Not to worry, give the bottle a shake and it will be ready to drink. 

To make Seir Hill Mashville, we start with distilled water — that means we heat and cool water to purify it. Then we blend in all-natural flavors that replicate the aroma and flavor of traditional whiskey. Those include charred oak, sweet corn, malt, clove extract, red apple cider and meyer lemon flavor. These flavors didn't happen by accident. We have a certified sommelier on the team who's like the Princess and the Pea when it comes to flavors. 

In addition to the flavoring, we have natural colors in the recipe. These tint Mashville a whiskey brown. Purple carrot and caramel are added for just this purpose. 

Lastly, there are artificial preservatives in the mix. We resisted this for a time, but Xanthan gum, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate are common preservatives that protect the quality of Mashville and add that mouthfeel that reminds one of a whiskey. 

Still have questions about non-alcoholic spirits? Please contact us.